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Links to Decamouse Scoring Calculators, in Excel format:
- Periodically check for updates - we hope to add enhancements over time.
- To download, click any link to display in Excel Online ('Viewing' mode), then 'File-Save As-Download a Copy'.
- You can import these spreadsheets into Google Sheets, etc. - they should be compatible.

Mobile Info:
- The 'Slim' version' of these calculators should be easier to view on a mobile device (2 less columns).
- Rotating the phone and using 'pinch-to-zoom' helps... double-tap for mobile entering of data.
- Download the free, widely-used mobile apps: Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets for advanced mobile use options.
- For Android, visit Google's Play Store and for iOS, visit Apple's App Store.
- These apps will allow you to import these spreadsheets, enter marks easier, see results, save to phone and/or cloud, work offline, etc.