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2019 Masters Indoor Heptathlon Chamionship - Combined Events - 26-27 January, 2019 - Carthage College, Kenosha,WI

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Hept Entries as of 2019-01-16

Invite Entries as of 2019-01-11

Pole List

Pole List pdf

(Note:  we will also have open groups if needed)

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WMA 2018 Combined Events Results - all in one file - congrats to all

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2018 WMA Medal Winerrs

W40 Rachel Guest - Gold

W80 Christel Donley - Gold

M40 Mike Kuoppamaki - Silver

M60 Russell Jacquet-Acea - Siver

W60 Rita Hanscom - Silver

W55 Janean Shannon - Bronze

W60 Carla Hoppie - Bronze

Dolf I feel your pain - great meet



2018 Grass Valley Masters, Notable Stats at a Glance - New Records, New All-Time Top 10 Men / Top 3 Women Performers


Most Masters Men Deca participants: 58 (previous record = 52, 1994)

Most Masters Women's Multi Participants: 15 (9 Hept + 6 Deca, previous record = 13, 2009)


New Men's Deca Event Records: M35 100 - Jeff Thomas 11.52, M40 SP - Jeferson Souza 13.35m, M60 JT - Mike Janusey 44.49m

New All-Time Top 10 Men's Deca Performers: Mike Kuoppamaki (M40 #4), Dimitry Yakoushkin (M40 #9), Mike Janusey (M60 #4), Russell Jacquet-Acea (M65 #4), Roger Vergin (M80 #7)

(Note: Jeferson Souza's 2018 M40 score of 7055 was 7 points shy of his M40 2017 #3 Performer score of 7062)


New Women's Hept Event Records: W60 SP - Carla Hoppie 8.62m, W80 HJ - Christel Donley 1.03m

New All-Time Top 3 Women's Hept Performers: Daphne Scott (W55 #3)


New Women's Deca Event Records: W60 (Rita Hanscom: SP 8.65m, DT 21.01m, JT 20.33m, 1500 7:22.05), W65 (Kay Glynn: SP 8.12m, HJ 1.30,)

New All-Time Top 3 Women's Deca Performers: Janean Shannon (W55 #3), Rita Hanscom (W60 #2), Kay Glynn (W65 #2), Mary Trotto (W70 #2)



Online results www.redcaptiming.com



2018 Men's Combined Events Results

2018 Women's Outdoor Hept

2018 Women's Deca AG

2018 Women's Open Deca

UPDATED! Click here for Outdoor Champs Historical Data v2018-07-04

UPDATED! Click here for Indoor Champs Historical Data v2018-06-12

2018 Men's Hept Final

2018 Women's Hept Final

For more photos follow this link

2018 Decamouse Invite Results

2017 Mens Deca Final Result

2017 Womens Deca Final

2017 Womens Hept Final

First Entry Recieved:

Bryn Miller - M70 Honolulu, Hi

2017 Men's Hept Results

2017 Women's Hept Results

2017 Regional Results

2016 Mens Deca Results click here

2016 Outdoor Women Hept

2016 Womens Deca

click here for Women's Hept Results corrected PV

click here for 2016 Hept Men's result Jerry D hurdle result corrected

2015 Combined Events Results

Photos from 2015 Combined Events https://www.facebook.com/Decamouse

My email address - jpwatry@hotmail.com

2015 Men's Hept Results - corrected Jerry Donley mark in HJ

2015 Women's Hept Results

2014 Deca Results

2014 Womens Deca Results

2014 Womens Hept Results

2014 Results Women and Men

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2012 UK USA Challenge Results

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Hept - time to plan
Entry done - meet sanction sent in -- see you all in March
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