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2017 Indoor Combined Events/Hept- January 28-29 (Sat-Sun) Carthage College - Kenosha, WI  - Entry Form will be linked soon - 

2016 Mens Deca Results click here

2016 Outdoor Women Hept

2016 Womens Deca

click here for Women's Hept Results corrected PV

click here for 2016 Hept Men's result Jerry D hurdle result corrected

Another year with a great group of people--

Erika Pierce broke her own W40 Record scoring 4547

Christel Donley just missed breaking her own W80 record scoring 5112


Photos on the Decamouse Facebook site - in album

Phil Shipp had highest mens score in winning M80 with 5202

Larry Volmer M60 also over 5000 with 5116

Harry McDonald will miss a few meets as he competes to beat mantle cell lymphoma. Let's keep Harry and Rex in our thoughts - two of our long time combined event warriors 

2015 Combined Events Results

Photos from 2015 Combined Events https://www.facebook.com/Decamouse

My email address - jpwatry@hotmail.com

2015 Men's Hept Results - corrected Jerry Donley mark in HJ

2015 Women's Hept Results

 Looks Seattle for 2016 First weekend in August-
Bill Murray and I are now splitting the Combined Events and I will handle the Indoor Hept and Bill will coordinate the outdoor events (Deca/Hept) -

2014 Deca Results

2014 Womens Deca Results

2014 Womens Hept Results

2014 Results Women and Men

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2012 UK USA Challenge Results

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Hept - time to plan
Entry done - meet sanction sent in -- see you all in March
11:08 am est 

Monday, March 4, 2013

7:47 am est 

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Past Results can be found at www.harriersolutions.com Results Click for site navigate to year and meet